Use the DASH approach to balance the difficult task of getting agreement on a course of action for solving problems when dealing with a group of people

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Introduction to DASH - Decision Agility with Stakeholders

Do you think about how you will achieve your goals?

Why don't you just get started? Quite often the biggest challenge is working out the best course of action. Often the motivation to get started comes once you see a clear connection between your effort and the goals you want to achieve. Most goals also need the support of other people, whether you are trying to get a new job, get help with a problem or change the world.

DASH helps you develop a balanced set of skills that will help in everything you do. It helps with the two fundamental qualities that are important to achieving your goals: deciding on the best approach and getting the support of other people. If either of these qualities is lacking then you will not succeed. If you have both of these qualities, you can achieve goals that most people believe are impossible.


The DASH Approach is a fresh approach to difficult problems.

Helps you use thinking and people skills in a structured way to achieve your goals. It drives projects forward in a more effective way.  Helps to scope projects to have a better chance of success from the start.

You can use DASH to help you improve your skills, since it shows how "hard" and "soft" skills can be used together to achieve results. It helps you develop a mindset of continuously learning through thinking and doing.

To get started you can download and use the DASH Onion Model Canvas which helps you scope projects. You can also sign-up for the DASH Project Management App which helps manage projects based on the principles of the DASH Approach.


DASH Project Management App   DASH Onion Model Canvas


An intuitive and powerful project management app, making teamwork more natural. Bridging the gap between task lists and project plans.



A downloadable worksheet that is free to use (creative commons).


DASH was first launched in 2011 and has been used successfully on many projects. The creator of DASH, Dan Onions explains the thinking behind it:

I created DASH based on years of experience of solving difficult problems with business and technology.  I have had the good fortune to work with very talented people over many years and DASH is the result of learning and documenting the approach that many successful people use to achieve their goals.


The DASH Approach offers many techniques that provide practical guidance on its use. Vote for more by signing up with your email address at the top of the page. If a sufficient level of interest is shown I will publish more details, tailored to your area of interest.

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