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DASH for Personal Development - Make the most of meetings with Outcome Driven Engagement Outcome Driven Engagement

Use the DASH approach to balance the difficult task of getting agreement on a course of action for solving problems when dealing with a group of people

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Make the most of meetings with Outcome Driven Engagement

Engaging with other people is essential to getting things done. Ask yourself:

  • How successful are you at getting people to take on your ideas?
  • How do you get support from a group of people?
  • What is the best way to approach a subject when talking to senior people?

The way you approach people can make all the difference in meeting your objectives. Difficult problems become easier with the support of others. Meetings may often seem like a waste of time, but engagement with people is critical.

Outcome Driven Engagement helps you deal effectively with people to achieve a positive outcome. When run in the right way meetings can be focused, quality time that moves people forwards towards achieving a shared objective.

Outcome Driven Engagement is a process for engaging with people. It helps you to connect with the right people and make the most of  the time available to achieve a contribution towards the outcome. It helps you to decide who you need to meet, how frequently, what you need to get from each meeting, how to approach each meeting and how to deal with people.

As a subject gets more politically sensitive it becomes more likely that people have different points of view that need to be resolved. In these cases the approach for engaging people becomes important. Many good ideas and initiatives fail when the right stakeholders are not engaged. A number of factors should be considered, such as:

  • The order in which people are engaged
  • The messages that are used
  • The style of engagement
  • Whether to engage as a group or with individuals.


In Outcome Driven Engagement by considering the outcome you are trying to achieve you can plan meetings better, get the most out of meetings and identify when you need to change your approach.
By following DASH principles you can understand stakeholder points of view and influence others.  You need to:

  • Prepare: plan who to engage, determine the approach for engagement, the outcome desired and create the materials needed to support.
  • Engage: handle the contact with the stakeholder by framing the communication and getting the required feedback.
  • Review: distil the insight from the engagement and assess the impact on thinking and on the engagement plan.


Principles of Outcome Driven Engagement:

  • Each communication and stakeholder meeting should have a purpose in leading towards the desired outcome.
  • Treat all stakeholders with respect; do not burn bridges and be consistent in your core messages.
  • Prepare for each meeting with a relevant objective; prepare a story to set the scene.
  • Actively listen to stakeholders and look for the insight in all feedback; be prepared to adapt your position.
  • Assess stakeholder insight and concerns against the overall objective; take on views impartially, do not be a slave to one opinion and be careful what you disregard.



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